Technology to Create a Successful Event

Technology to Create a Successful Event

While planning your event the thoughts of lagging internet connections and microphone hiccups will haunt anyone hosting an event. Making sure that the right technology is in place will not only diminish those worries, they will also make your event stand out. Find the right needs to fit your event from audio-visual to room filling audio, high speed internet and comfortable seating.

The Shelbyville Conference Center will get you to the right setting with these accommodations.


High Speed Internet Connection

The Shelbyville Conference Center has five gigabit internet lines to provide you and your guests with a guaranteed high-speed internet connection.

Whether you are holding a presentation from your laptop or connecting with a virtual trainer you want everything to be seamless with no lag. You may even need to connect with a client over a conference call and you wouldn’t want to have horrible quality where it is hard for them to see you.



While being able to host your presentation you would not want a harsh glare on the screen for anyone who is viewing. Lighting can be dimmed to create custom lighting profiles, ensuring your specific needs are met. The Shelbyville Conference Center has additional add-ons such as decorative uplights to take your event from okay to “Wow!”


Audio-Visual Equipment

Lavalier and handheld microphones are available at the Shelbyville Conference Center with no additional charge. Your audience hearing you clearly will help keep them engaged and while being able to speak clearly and connect with the audience  each room is outfitted with XLR inputs for custom audio control.

Projectors are a viable tool to help during training sessions or workshops. The visual display will effectively promote retained information while you are working with attendees in the learning process. At Shelbyville Conference Center we have movie theater quality projectors available in each meeting room and for larger audiences, you have the ability to connect multiple projectors seamlessly ensuring every guest can see your presentation.



You want to be able to create an atmosphere with your audience that are seated in a way for full engagement and here at the Shelbyville Conference Center we are able to ensure that whether you have a group of 50 or a group of 400 that they have the best viewing.

There are endless possibilities for seating and being able to find the correct layout for your attendees will be easy enough. The most important consideration though is comfortable seating. Ensure that your audience is not having their back to you or having them in a difficult spot to view the presentation.


Ready to Book?

The Shelbyville Conference Center audio-visual technology fits everyone’s needs to create a successful and comfortable event. You won’t have to worry about the stress of holding your event here as the Center is equipped for all your needs.

Located between Louisville and Lexington feel free to contact us for availability by calling 502-633-6388.